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The Embrace of Mother Earth


Based in the Toltec burial ritual, this two day experience offers a remarkable opportunity to commune with and be embraced by our True Mother, the Earth. Shaping our origin and destiny, her immense and inexhaustible love is as real as the whole of life that she makes grow around us. Her unconditional loving energy penetrates into the warrior's field of energy and infuses him/her with a special power to overcome difficulties on life’s path. The embrace of Mother Earth is the gift of the earth to the spiritual warrior.


- Heal the wounds of our soul
- Charge ourselves with energy
- Learn to open ourselves to the unconditional love
- Keep cultivating our perceptive side, safely and powerfully
- Live the magic of a true encounter with others
- Learn to perceive in Nature the purposes of Spirit


First Day: Energetic preparation.
Outdoor activities to reconnect ourselves with the elements of nature: the earth, the water, the wind, the sun and the fire, known by Huichols as the big Poderios. Shamanic activities to get clarity of purpose and purify ourselves energetically to really feel the embrace of Mother Earth. To dig a “cradle” in which we are going to stay the night. During the entire night the facilitators will take care of the participants.

Second Day: Energetic resolution
Activities to close, to clarify and affirm the experience by working with the energetic essence of the elements of Nature as manifestations of the Spirit.

Please be aware that these experiences are retreats so, don’t expect lots of free time to rest or to chat, rather, expect two days full of activities. Mobiles will be turned off and it would be better if you avoid going home in the night. Mealtimes will be set according the activities and not the opposite. Gently you will find yourself acting out of your mental limitations.


- Good physical and mental health.
- Come to work sessions dressed in comfortable and resistant clothes and shoes and have materials for taking notes.
- Smoking and consumption of any kind of drugs or alcohol are NOT allowed in any of our activities.
- Timetables for meals could be different from usual customs in order to meet workshop objectives.


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