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Shamanic Journey to Heal the Soul

The shamanic journey is a therapeutic procedure based  on a deep knowledge of the energetic nature of the Universe. It is a travel of the consciousness through space and time to recover parts of ourselves that have been lost. We lost those parts when we suffer damaging situations be they emotional or physical. Even though we don't remember them, these experiences caused deep energetic wounds, through which our energy constantly drains; forcing us to behave in ways that harm ourselves and the people we are related with.
The toltec expression Sennamiki, to remember oneself or to have memory of the Oneness, refers to a natural process all human beings pass through in the last moments before we die. It is the last, short but intense, glimpse to the wholeness of our life. This gives us full understanding of the meaning of our life. Ancient Toltec, who were always looking for such awareness state, discovered a shamanic procedure to induce that experience. During this two day retreat we are going to learn and practice that procedure and other complementary techniques to perform the shamanic journey in such a way that you can later keep doing it by yourself.


  • To heal emotional wounds
  • To recover the energy you lost in emotional interactions
  • To restore your energetic field from the damages it suffered in the past
  • To apprehend the inherent teaching in each event of your life
  • To be aware how you have been creating your destiny
  • To get insights to improve your self-confidence, wellbeing and relationships

Please be aware that these experiences are retreats so, don’t expect lots of free time to rest or to chat, rather, expect days full of activities. Mobiles will be turned off and it would be better if you avoid going home in the night. Mealtimes will be set according the activities and not the opposite. Gently you will find yourself acting out of your mental limitations.


- Good physical and mental health
- Comfortable and resistant clothes and shoes
- Smoking and consumption of any kind of drugs or alcohol are NOT allowed in any of our activities
- Timetables for meals could be different from usual customs in order to meet workshop goals


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