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Temascal: Ritual Therapy

A Temascal is a native steam-bath that was in general use in Mesoamerican cultures, the oldest vestiges of which can be found in the archeological zones of Teotihuacan in Mexico and Piedras Negras in Guatemala. Its use throughout history has been ceremonial as well as therapeutic. The practice survives today thanks to the oral tradition of Mexican indigenous communities. The word Temascal comes from the Nahuatl language meaning steam house.

The Temascal is a small round closed structure. Red hot rocks are placed in a center pit over which an infusion of medicinal herbs is poured, producing a curative steam. The symbolism of the steam and the structure of the Temascal represent the womb, life's starting place.

It is known that the Temascal cleanses the respiratory and digestive tracts, tones the skin, reduces stress, and improves blood circulation. It helps in weight control, calm pre menstrual cramps, and post-partum pain. Muscular and osteopathic problems respond very well to the heat and the curative properties of the medicinal plants.


Just entering a Temascal is enough to recognize its spiritual qualities. The relaxation induced by the experience slow down the perception of time and generates introspection, reflection, and pure attention.

Its characteristics are unique and exceptional. To live it can't but enrich and deepen one’s knowledge of our true nature.

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