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This month, we will work with an energy that surrounds us for most of our lives: our house. Have you ever thought how your house becomes charged with your energy (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)? How your house reflects who you are? How, at an energetic level, your house is a living entity? The exercise that we propose to do is based on Toltec principles that modern science has now collaborated: everything is energy; everything that lives has consciousness; everything is related to everything else; we cannot live independently from our environment.

As mentioned above, our house is a reflection of ourselves, a being that absorbs everything we think about ourselves and the world we live in, be it respect of fear. It is also a being with whom we are constantly in communication. For these reasons, we can transform our house into a peaceful refuge, a place of harmony and a centre of healing and regeneration. Our house can thus become a sanctuary where we can recharge our batteries in moments of crisis; an oasis of peace in times of confusion; a vortex of luminous energy where magic, power and Spirit blend together for our highest good as well as that of the other people who live there and those who visit.

The following exercise will help to improve our relationship with the being that each day shelter us and allows us to recoup before facing another day. In this we will be guided by our intuition, common sense, the consciousness our traditional cultures and our more recent ancestors, our grandparents. We will perform rituals that will help to harmonize our private space thus increasing the wellbeing of all those you live there.

Before starting the exercise, it is important to keep in mind the following: intention. Take time to clarify, determine, write and accept your intention. By keeping your intent clear your energetic body will be aligned to it. The techniques that will be used will be effectively synchronized to your intention. If the basis of your intent is a strong and positive energy, the cleansing will follow easily and correctly. Remember that where we put out attention, our energy follows. To clarify your intent, consider the following questions: What is my universal intent in relation to my house? What specific results do I want for myself and for others who live in the house? What longer term results am I looking for?

Here are examples of possible answers:

Universal intent: A house that contributes to the spiritual development of all that lives in it; to imbue my house with energy that will be for the highest good of all who live there and of all humanity.

Specific intentions: To create in the house a space conducive to meditation; to introduce objects and colours that promote a spiritual feeling; to create a sanctuary of peace or a place of wellbeing or a refuge to express love or a safe and magical place to raise children; to create a space where creativity can be expressed; to create a place filled with abundance and prosperity; a space to share with family and friends as appropriate; etc.

Long term results: Those all who live in the house have a better sense of connection to their spiritual source; that everyone feels more alive and energized physically and spiritually; etc.

The act of purification is a ritual that requires personal preparation as well as preparing the elements we will use, that is the poderio or energy that we will choose to work with. This month, we will work with water but at a later date we will also do rituals with fire, air and earth.

If you wish to ask others to help you, you need to make sure that they are attuned to your intent, the poderio or energy that you will work with, the Light and Great Spirit who will support your work.

To strengthen our work, we need to infuse our intent in what we do before the ritual and reconnect with it often.

Before starting the ritual, thoroughly clean your space, eliminating everything you do not need but continue to keep. Look at everything you have in your space, including inside cupboards and furniture. Sort out what is rubbish and what can be given to others who can use it. Doing this will allow energy to flow rather than stagnate. Your house will have a harmonious and revitalized energy field.

The night before the ritual, eat lightly, check that you have all you need (as mentioned below), and before sleep, ask Spirit for help for the ceremony you will do. You might have dreams that will support your ritual or give you information that will enrich your experience.

To have the best results, it is better to get up before sunrise or very early in the morning. The energy of the Earth is fresher and more effective at this hour. Meditate and ask your guides for guidance and support, whether beings of light or personal guardians. Also ask Spirit for help. (When we say Spirit we mean whatever you understand as the Supreme Being, or a special feeling that you experience in Nature or your belief that human beings are potentially good.)

The elements that you will use this time are: a container made of ceramic or plastic, water, and some branches of pine, fir or some other tree which you will use to sprinkle water. Before cutting a branch off a tree, you will need to ask permission and give thanks for the help received. If you buy branches in the market, you can give thanks to the plant from which it comes and ask for its support to realize your goal.

To prepare the water, it is necessary to charge it with the energy of the sun. Therefore, the day before, leave it about three hours where it will receive direct sunlight but not through a window pane. The energy of the sun is masculine and expansive, ideal for dark houses or where the energy seems to be dense and oppressive or where there is illness. If you wish to bring prosperity and abundance in your house, put some sticks of cinnamon in the water before leaving it in the sun.

Alternatively, you can charge the water with the energy of the moon, which is feminine, has healing properties and helps to soften the energy of a place. This is particularly effective in a space where there are discussions and intense emotions such as anger and sadness. In bedrooms, it helps to create an ideal atmosphere to sleep and promotes dreaming.

To charge the water, you could also place your hands, palms above the container of water. Visualize rays of light in the centre of your palms the colour of the rainbow. Move your hands in circles clockwise. Imagine that the rays of light have the qualities of serenity and joy. It is not necessary to touch the water.

Before starting the ritual, you can drink a little of the charged water which will help you to feel connected with the Poderio. Water is a special cleanser used frequently in traditional cultures to eliminate negative emotions, to rejuvenate and renew. It is also used in healing to restore fluidity and clarity. It is the energy of childhood and innocence. The spiritual power of water is intuition, fluidity and spirituality. It is good to remember that the properties of this energy are in our body and our house and, therefore, the spirit of water is always with us.

To start your ceremony, it is best to open all doors and windows. Put the container of water in the centre of the space you want to cleanse and bless it. You could say something like: 'May this water that holds Spirit and the power of pure water cleanse this space. Has water renews and heals, may this space be renewed and healed. So be it.' Holding the container of water in your hands, move to the most eastern point of the space. Take some branches, dip them in the water, shake off the excess and sprinkle the whole space with it moving clockwise and saying out loud: 'Water, water clean and renew this space; water, water purify this room with your love and light.' Remembering your intent, you could also say: 'Water, water fill this space with prosperity and abundance; or with health and wellbeing, etc.'

If you find an area that is particularly dark with stagnant energy or a sensation of heaviness, use the branches to sprinkle charged water seven times in that direction. If needed repeated another seven times. Repeat the procedure in all areas of the house. Once finished, you can close the windows and doors. Tip the rest of the water in the sink, immediately run some clear water after it for at least 30 seconds. Give thanks for what you receive.

Other suggestions for the ritual: If there is very dense energy, you can add sea salt to the water. You can add a white candle placed in the centre of the space, bringing in the energy of the fire to support your intent. To finish the ritual and give thanks, you can play a musical instrument throughout the house, including other people particularly children who have a positive and joyful energy.

To reinforce the ritual, we can buy a plant and, having written your intent on a piece of paper, we can bury it in the earth of the flowerpot. Whenever we water the plant, we will be reminded of our commitment and this will help us to keep the energy focussed in that direction. Also, once a week, we can sprinkle our house with water to which has been added herbal essences or aromatherapy oils. Plain water will also do. You could also place on different windowsills containers of coloured water. This helps to brighten the space. Another option is to place clear quartz in containers of water. The water will take on the energy of the crystals that have been programmed with your intent or commitment. It is important to renew the water in the containers to maintain its curative potential.
To bless and express your gratitude for the water in your house, place your hands on the faucets and say something like: 'May the water that flows through these pipes benefit this family. Thank you.' Remember that water is part of us. What would our life be like without water?

To finish, we suggest that you do a purposeful act in your daily life, this time, related to water. For example, you could do a poster to remind others of the importance of water; invite some friends to enjoy a peaceful moment in your house; tell others what you have learnt; or simply drink more water to increase your wellbeing.


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